Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deep In The Heart By Staci Stallings

Deep In the Heart
Author: Staci Stallings
Publication Date: September 2012
Rating: 3.5/5

Maggie Montgomery is broke has no home and no money other than the two dollars in her pocket so she knows that if she doesn't get the job with the billionaire family she is going to be in series trouble. But as luck would hold it Maggie got the job but she finds it to be more complicated than she thought not only because she has a crush on Keith the billionaires son who happens to be engaged to a gorgeous rich successful women something Maggie isn't. But because the Ayer family expect Maggie to follow a schedule and to treat the kids like adults. But along the way Maggie shows the kids what love is like and in the process she teaches Keith what is like to believe in god and be free to be your self. But the question isn't if Maggie is willing to risk her heart and be with Keith. The question is if Keith is ready to forgive himself for his past mistakes and love Maggie? Or will he go through the wedding with Dallas and be miserable forever?

Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler...
First of all I gotta say I was surprised when I started to read the book because I thought it was going to be a regular contemporary. romance with the MH being a playboy and jerk and than he realizes he loves the main heroine. But no it was totally not what I expected first of all it was a Christian romance novel so there was no sex which I don' t mind because sometimes a romance novel is to much about sex that it takes the focus on the plot. what I liked most about the book was how both characters had depth and it was not just a romance novel it was about two people learning to be themselves and finding love and being with the ones you love. I gotta say this book would have made it up there on my favorite list but the reason it's not is because it took Keith way to long to figure out what he wanted and it also sucked how he broke up with Dallas when they where getting married it's like seriously what a fucken jerk! Also like I don't mind christian romance but there was way to much talk about god and church and I don't mind that but there was seriously to much.

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