Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sliding Home Author Kate Angell

Sliding Home
Kate Angell
Published: August 25,2009

Kason is used to being the lone-wolf in his team he is considered anti-social at best and rude at worst. he also tends to keep his life private so when he discovers that someone has invaded his home he wants to know who dared intrude his private haven when he discovers that it's not a who but a tom-boy of a women who Kason feels drawn to. Will Kason learn to open up and let someone in his life or will he ruin the best thing that ever happen to him and let Cimarron go. Kason isn't the only one that has problems Cimarron also has to face her demons and learn to trust men and stop blaming all men for what her ex-fiancee did. Both characters find themselves questioning if being alone is what they really want and they learn that finding the person that fits you will make you change your mind.

I love this story there want much conflict but I love that both characters had to learn to trust each other and the best part was that both characters seem to fit each other well. They both have similarities and differences which made the book more believable and more likable. I think the biggest problem I had with the book was that there was a second plot within Kasons story and l didn't like that those characters weren't develop more.

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