Friday, May 4, 2012

Sweet Spot
Author: Kate Angell
Published May 2,2012

Kate hit another home run
this book was amazing.

Law has it all the career,money and women he doesn't realize anything is missing until one night he meets Wonder women ,Law doesn't know what it is about her but spark's fly and Law will do anything to get her into bed. But before he can ask Wonder women who she really is she runs away from Law and leave her whip now Law will do anything to find out who the owner of the whip is and he will stop at nothing until he find her.

Catherine (wonder women) is a women who is use to being on top she has a great job and boss and she also doesn't know what she's missing until she goes to check out a club for her boss. She also happens to be dressed as Wonder Women to blend in the crowd and she's ready to leave for the night when Captain American (Law) catches her eye and catherine is not a implosive person she tends to think before she does anything but when Captain american comes over her brain shuts down and Catherine acts like someone she's never acted before and before she knows it she is coming in the middle of the dance floor.

After her episode at the club Catherine is ready to get back to her job and forget about captain American but what she doesn't realize is that her current client was Captain America and Catherine will do anything to hide the truth fro Law. But Law will find out sooner or later will Catherine give into her feeling for Law or will she run scared and forget all about law?

I love this book Kate writes the best sport romances!
What I love most about the book was that there was no major problems in the book it was all about the characters learning to trust each other and trying to find how to best fit each other.

The only problem with this book is that Kate always adds a secondary characters that are also trying to find love and I hated both characters. Brody was a jerk he asked Mary to marry him 7 years ago than he left her without breaking there engagement and Mary thinks that here engagement is still on and that Brody is busy with Baseball that's why he hasn't come back for her so she chooses to move to Richmond so she an be close to Brody. But when Brdy see's her he's all mean and tells her how he wants her to go back to where she came from and that she is pathetic for waiting for him and that he has moved on and has been sleeping around with a whole bunch of chicks. What does Mary do she's all nice to Brody and tells him how she will always love him and BLAH BLAH. Mary was so spineless and Brody was a coward and deserved to end up alone for being a cheater and a user.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sliding Home Author Kate Angell

Sliding Home
Kate Angell
Published: August 25,2009

Kason is used to being the lone-wolf in his team he is considered anti-social at best and rude at worst. he also tends to keep his life private so when he discovers that someone has invaded his home he wants to know who dared intrude his private haven when he discovers that it's not a who but a tom-boy of a women who Kason feels drawn to. Will Kason learn to open up and let someone in his life or will he ruin the best thing that ever happen to him and let Cimarron go. Kason isn't the only one that has problems Cimarron also has to face her demons and learn to trust men and stop blaming all men for what her ex-fiancee did. Both characters find themselves questioning if being alone is what they really want and they learn that finding the person that fits you will make you change your mind.

I love this story there want much conflict but I love that both characters had to learn to trust each other and the best part was that both characters seem to fit each other well. They both have similarities and differences which made the book more believable and more likable. I think the biggest problem I had with the book was that there was a second plot within Kasons story and l didn't like that those characters weren't develop more.